Your heart works for you but do you work for your heart? Yogi Bhajan

Self Compassion – powerful pillar of self love ~ key to abundance


When you’re moved so deeply with concern and care for someone’s pain that your heart bursts open and you wish you could soften or alleviate their suffering.

You feel their hurt. You understand their choices. You presence their grief. You honour their tears. You respect their vulnerability. You’d put yourself aside to heal their pain in a heartbeat.

We’ve all felt the sweet draw of compassion on our hearts – beautiful, tender moments of empathy, intimacy and connection. But how often have you felt compassion for yourself? What if this was something you could choose?

Would you soothe your own pain in a heartbeat if you loved yourself completely?

When the critical inner parent tells you you’re not enough what would the voice of compassion reply?

When the addict within justifies your unhelpful habit ‘just one more time’ what would the compassionate heart choose?

When traumatic memories surface and you’re filled with guilt and shame how would the compassionate mind respond?

When anger arises and you’re filled with blame, bitterness or regret how would compassion motivate you to behave?

When you take a bath or shower at the end of a long day how would compassionate eyes stare back at you in the mirror and how would compassionate hands touch your body?

In my work supporting women to access emotional healing, recover from trauma and create more joyful, abundant lives, businesses and relationships I focus on finding compassion for ourselves as a pathway to deep self love.

While self care practices are valuable for the pleasure and relaxation they bring, we often need deeper ways of sustainably soothing pain.

We can apply self compassion as a response to the acknowledgement, understanding and integration that results from mindful self inquiry and although this can be challenging, it’s a powerful way to reach a place of profound self love.

We can reflect self compassion in our behaviour as a joyful choice.

And with the right Mentor by your side who’s filled with compassion for you it feels safe to explore the edges that lead to transformation.

Women who offer themselves the gift of compassion can start to live very freely. Life takes on a much lighter energy and self-imposed limitations are lifted so that you begin to allow abundance to pour into your life, business and relationships from every direction.

How much abundance is waiting for you to claim when self love starts to flow through your life freely?

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