In my work with Sexual Prosperity I meet so many women living with the domino effect of feminine trauma, the emotional residue of deeply distressing events that have touched their lives as women.

Women are great at ‘getting on with it’ for lots of reasons, but when trauma resurfaces it feels crippling, painful and immensely disempowering.

The women I work with see the worst impact of feminine trauma on a fundamental aspect of their lives. The thoughts and feelings that that are triggered for them around sex and sexuality get right in the way of their engagement, pleasure and fulfilment.

I’ve made a list of examples of feminine trauma at the beginning of my ‘work with me page’ here.

If this woman is you, you may feel like a victim at times but you may sometimes feel like you’re fighting too. Women in this position often tell me that they’ve given up on sex, they’ve stopped expecting joy and they’re stuck in a cycle of their sexual experiences not being good enough. Manifesting anything better can seem out of reach and your relationships might feel unrewarding.

If this woman is you, I hear you asking where the richness and reward has gone from your sexual experience. I feel you grieving at the loss of a magical part of your feminine identity. I sense your disappointment and frustration when you notice an inner darkness where your sexy, feminine flame used to burn so brightly. I notice that you’ve forgotten your own beauty and that you feel kind of dull. I see you looking angry, fearful and sad when memories of the past begin to stir.

When I work closely with you, we identify exactly what your blocks are and what these mean for you as a woman. Then we can gently start to shift forward. I promise you’ll start to see your sexual self in a whole new light.

Women can endure all kinds of traumas that block their ability to enjoy their sexual potential so our work together is designed to deliver exactly what you need given your unique emotional profile. Sometimes you need a ‘lightbulb’ moment before you even understand just how blocked you’ve been. That happens when we make connections between the past and the present. Familiar feelings, emotions and patterns will resonate and you’ll see exactly how your trauma’s been playing you.

The beauty of my holistic approach, as opposed to pure ‘therapy’, is that we can tackle your sexual blocks from all directions and on a variety of levels. This can help you feel empowered to actively participate in your own healing and access that sense of soul connection. I’ve got so many transformation tools in my back pocket – physical exercises, energy work, healing and meditation practice, women’s spirituality, mindfulness, traditional therapeutic techniques, mindset activities… This is multi-dimensional work that offers game-changing results.

Shifting your sexual blocks opens up a sensational whole new world of sex and sexuality for you.

When your feminine flame shines brightly again, you’ll enjoy sexual expression that is authentic, powerful and free. You’ll find integration with those painful memories so that you own them, they don’t own you. The magic that exists within every woman will once again belong to you, whether you want to attract or enchant partners, create new sexual experiences or experiment with something different.

Most of all, you’ll embody that Sexually Prosperous Woman whose sex and sexuality is abundant with pleasure, reward and you’ll feel a rich, warm glow from deep within.