I woke up this Saturday morning to an email from a woman I’ve been working with for a while.¬†She’d sent me a link to the blog she’s just started with reflections on her life.

When we began our work together, we were exploring how she could recover from a painfully disappointing relationship. It felt like a fall from grace. A journey that’s involved letting go of the dream family home and downsizing, making tricky adjustments to childcare and finances, a number of wry encounters with internet dating, some health challenges and underlying anxiety about her stressful, professional job.

We’ve shared tears and laughter as we’ve navigated this path. Resonated together with the frustration when fear or resistance showed up in our conversations. And enjoyed the highs of those lightbulb moments when we’ve delved into her childhood experience, patterns of relating, values and aspirations.

One of the deeper struggles we’ve encountered has been about this burning need for creative expression. Overcoming the sometimes hopeless incongruence of managing a demanding, left-brained, executive job as a single parent with a deep, watery, emotional side. Knowing ‘there’s something else’ and yearning for more pleasure in life. Crippling fear that it’s not possible to be happy when daily restrictions seem to close in so tightly. The inevitable dark moments when it feels like there’s little space to take action.

That’s when we unlocked her dream of being a writer and now her blog is born.

Exploring the edges of self expression can challenge even the most self assured of us.

There’s vulnerability when we put our feelings out there for the World to see. Fear of failure, criticism or judgement. Imposter syndrome – who am I to think my words are anything special?

There was part of me that wondered if she’d find the courage to do it or if the legacy of the past would still hold her back. But I believed she could do it and she did.

She did the work and I held the vision.

What’s more, those words she wrote and the unspoken magic transcending what’s actually written on the page is truly a work of art created by a woman in touch with meaning, feeling and her own tender heart.

The credit is not all mine to take. But what I witnessed this morning marks a step forward in the evolution of this woman’s soul. And that makes me proud.

Opening that message today was a big reminder of the WHY that drives the work I do.

It’s the joy I feel being alongside my clients – feeling, sharing, reflecting, laughing, crying and pushing forward together.

It’s the permission I give myself to love the women I work with and why I know it’s perfect that our remit is dictated by what is needed in the moment.

It’s because I know that recovering from painful relationships and engaging more fully in our lives involves much more than just analysing ‘she said this and he did that’.

It’s because I’m a champion for the ‘journey of expansion’ into the fullness of our being.

It’s why I no longer call myself a ‘Therapist’ and my work is an intuitive craft that touches the deepest parts of mind, body and soul.

It’s that value I place, above all other things, on the incredible potential of the human heart.

Have a great Saturday!