Private Clients

Are you ready to make love your new paradigm?

Work privately with Rhian through one of her exclusive VIP offers to transform your love life, consciously create new relationship patterns or step into the life and mission that’s meant for you.

Exclusive options

When you work with Rhian you’ll be immersed in her unique magical blend of psychology, spirituality and energy alchemy and sound activation.

You’ll luxuriate in blissful, sensual journeys and healing transmissions that elevate your consciousness and recalibrate your subconscious mind so that you can start to create the relationship and life you desire from a new paradigm of unconditional love.

You’ll finally feel liberated from the pain and trauma of the past and embody a loveable, sensual, soulful, magnetic version of yourself.

You’ll be fascinated as Rhian shares Vedic insights into your karmic imprint that help you discover your highest destiny in love and relationships as she reconnects you to your inner light.

You’ll also be guided to take the perfectly aligned practical steps that really count as you heal from the past, expand towards your highest potential and claim your next level vision of intimacy, love and life mission.

There are only three ways to work privately with Rhian

vedic astrology consultations

Vedic Astrology teaches that everything is already within us. All that we need, all that we desire and all that’s possible is our birthright.

Rhian’s exclusive therapeutic consultations are transformational, healing and enlightening.

soul spa alignment immersion

Join Rhian in sacred space for an exclusive, luxurious half-day online retreat experience that opens a powerful personal portal to your next level in love or life mission.

This is for you if you’re inspired by deep meditation and soul connection, profound self awareness and super charged conscious creative practices that offer real results.

vip private mentorship

Rhian’s exclusive private mentorship is designed for soulful, success-driven women or couples who are ready to heal and reach for their highest potential in love and life.

Every aspect of your solution is carefully, holistically crafted especially for you, taking into account your unique situation, healing needs and preferences and a clear, expansive vision for your transformation.

The alchemy

Rhian delivers an exclusive, heart opening experience that creates the results you desire, whether you seek new love, deeper intimacy within an existing relationship, recovery from the past or the magic of finally stepping into your life mission

harmonious mind

Rhian demystifies your deepest psychological drives so that you can tap into your highest vision for love and align yourself fully with the magic you desire and deserve in life and relationships.

awakened body

Rhian shows you exactly how to awaken self love, empowered sensuality and embody presence so that you finally feel confident, magnetic and receptive to the connection and pleasure you deserve.

healed heart

Rhian gently guides you to recover and heal from the past, reveal the beauty in your vulnerability and reclaim emotional safety so that you can surrender and trust as you move forward with more personal power.

elevated soul

Rhian elevates your consciousness so that you reconnect with your highest self, become sovereign in relationships and manifest your true destiny and mission in love and life.

Client love

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"We love Rhian’s authenticity – she is calm and full of knowledge. She’s helped us to know true value of loving each other within our marriage."

VP, California, USA

"I had a wonderful deeply insightful Vedic Astrology reading with the beautiful Rhian today! Wow...so revealing, affirming and reassuring. I gained so much understanding of my karmic life lessons, relationship with my children and ex - it was utterly eye opening. The insights gained through my Vedic chart have been invaluable. Rhian has such a gentle, sensitive, Divinely Feminine way of delivering the most delicate information in a clear, concise, kind and compassionate way, which makes all the difference when taking it all in, effortlessly."

EOC, Ireland

"I've been single for 11 years and I'm ready for that next chapter. However I knew I still needed to do some work on myself before venturing down that path. The time spent with Rhian was so healing. She supported me in such a loving way that has helped me shift some energies in my life. The way she has meshed her gifts as a professional therapist with her intuitive energy healing gifts is an absolute joy. I can go on and on about how awesome she is and what a loving light she brings to this world. Rhian, thank you and I love you for everything."

KD, Oregon, USA

"If any of you are wondering whether or not you need Rhian’s loving guidance in your life – you completely do! RIGHT NOW! I’m currently wrapping up her self love program and it has made my current situation SO MUCH NICER. I am, right now, the living embodiment of feeling the fear and doing it anyway in a HUGE portion of my life. I thank Rhian for the inner platinum fearlessness that I’ve been experiencing since I was introduced to her. What a gift she is to the world, I'm SO grateful I found her."

JA, Florida, USA

"Rhian has taught me how to love myself again and now I have my zest for life back. She is a natural teacher with so much to give to others. I could never thank her enough for being there at my time of need."

TJ, Newquay, Cornwall

"Rhian is a wonderfully warm and supportive soul. Her knowledge is vast and is delivered in a warm caring and very down to earth way. A pleasure to work with you. Thank you for holding a space for me to explore what I needed as I enter my 'crone' phase of life.

SA, Scotland

"Rhian has such a huge wealth of knowledge in so many different areas and delivers the knowledge in such a clear, calm and understandable way that really resonates with me. I hold Rhian in such high esteem and her courses have been all that I had hoped for and so much more. Most importantly I feel she really walks the walk in what she offers and does not just talk the talk so to speak as she delivers in abundance and authenticity. I really cannot recommend working Rhian enough and am excited to continue my self development journey with Rhian this year."

VP, Ireland

"This wonderful Woman in my eyes deserves a 5 star indeed. The advice and positive vibes I receive are just amazing and very supported. Rhian works long hours I'm sure to make her courses simple to understand and the pdfs she puts together are just beautiful. She continues to support all her followers on a daily basis."

AW, Torbay, UK

"I felt a connection with Rhian from the moment we virtually met. She is warm and personable and a wealth of knowledge. Her accomplishments in life and her areas of expertise speak for themselves, her bright smile and 'lifelong friend' personality are the icing on the cake."

LK, Canada

"Rhian offers wonderful programs full of information to help you along your journey, she’s always able to answer questions and nothing is too much trouble. She is the most amazing teacher and pure light filled soul."

CH, Wigan, UK

"Rhian's vast and diverse knowledge enables her to find, guide and counsel you through your personal challenges. She builds a unique bond with you, easily allowing you to trust her, from the first appointment. Thanks to Rhian (and her patience) I feel empowered, confident and worthy. She is amazing."

CC, Brackley, UK

"Rhian is one of those once in a lifetime coaches who totally change your life. I'm super happy with my session and am amazed it has taken me so long to discover this gem."



"Rhian is very knowledgeable and helpful. I deeply value her skills and guidance. If you are thinking of investing, don't even doubt it!"

YH, Australia

"Rhian is the first person I turn to for spiritual guidance - her intuition is incredible and her messages are spot on. She is supportive and a fantastic mentor who inspires me every day."

WF, Turkey


"Thank you Rhian for your willingness to share. You have opened my eyes to a realm, that if left undiscovered, I would still be wondering why I keep hitting a glass ceiling. Your insight and advice will be monumental to removing the blocks for next level service."


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