The Soul Spa Alignment Immersion

Join Rhian for an exclusive, luxurious half-day one to one online retreat experience that opens a powerful portal to your next level in love or life mission

It’s time to welcome your next level

I’m honored to offer my exquisite, powerful signature process that combines psychology, spirituality and energy activation to women who are ready for an intensive personal upgrade.

The Soul Spa Alignment Immersion is the one to one online retreat for you if you’re inspired to gift yourself with deep meditation and soul connection, profound psycho-spiritual self awareness and super charged conscious creative manifesting practices.

It’s the perfect choice if you’re excited about swiftly recalibrating your subconscious mind, creating a tunnel vision that leads straight to your desires in love or business and you’d like to revitalise your emotional energy and calm your nervous system so that you’re gracefully ready to soar.

When you emerge from The Soul Spa, you’ll be totally prepared for joyful, feminine action taking in your love life or around your life mission that will come from a newfound space of inner knowing and unquestionable self worth.

I can’t wait to welcome you into the sacred space of The Soul Spa.

Rhian xo


The promise

The Soul Spa Alignment Immersion promises better results than you’d usually achieve after hours of journaling, meditation, action planning and coaching or healing consultations because it holds the alchemical key to your desires and creates an instantaneous expansion so that your dreams are finally within your reach

perfect alignment

This exclusive half-day online retreat offers you the opportunity to become completely aligned with and ready to create your big vision in love or life mission for the forthcoming six months ahead.

a complete reset

After your immersion with Rhian in The Soul Spa you’ll have such a profound, solid sense of connection with your highest self and such crystalline clarity that it will feel like you’ve been completely renewed and upgraded.

your genius plan

You’ll have created an incredible plan for your path ahead that you’ll be totally in love with and committed to because it’s been built on the solid foundations of your own inner truth and the magic of Cosmic wisdom.

manifestation flow

Rhian’s winning mix of meditation, emotional energy activation, psycho-spiritual therapy, Vedic astrology and laser coaching will ignite your ambition, passion and self belief and you’ll have everything you need in place to begin creating the results you choose in love and life.

Manifestation has never felt this nourishing, this magical, this inspiring or this real.

How does this sorcery work?

This is a multidimensional mind, body and soul alignment intensive that Rhian intuitively designs and delivers according to your dreams, desires and needs.

There is nothing like it and no other facilitator like Rhian who offers an alchemical upgrade experience like this.

the sacred vision

Rhian will welcome you into The Soul Spa with a beautifully designed opening ritual to create a sacred space for your half-day online experience.

Together, you’ll commune soul to soul and elevate your awareness to receive, design and activate a beautiful vision that represents your highest possibility in love or business over the next six months.

the cosmic wisdom

Rhian will consult your Vedic Natal Chart during the session and assess the potential impact of the forthcoming movements of the planets so that you can synchronise with the natural flow of Cosmic energy.

You’ll be supported by powerful Vedic insights that will illuminate the nature of your personal power in life, work and love. You’ll discover the most auspicious moments and approaches for taking aligned action towards your desires and goals – right thinking, right timing, right action.

the alchemy

Rhian will activate the codes of your next level vision in your electromagnetic field and fire you up energetically and emotionally so that you become perfectly synchronised with the joyful trajectory that leads to the incredible results you choose.

You’ll luxuriate in the magic of sacred sound and mantra and experience a beautiful energy and breath activation during this part of the retreat, while Rhian helps you recalibrate your subconscious mind so that you’re fully aligned with your conscious desires.

the direction

Then she’ll lovingly laser coach you, psycho-spiritually and therapeutically, to commit to the action steps you’ll take so that by the end of the experience you’ll have a powerful plan that will feel easy to flow through because it will resonate with your unique soul signature and allow you to play right into your gifts and strengths.

the power

The immersion will end with a magical embodied blessing and closing ceremony during which you’ll call in spiritual support and radical self love that will nurture you and create expansion for you during the weeks and months ahead.

You’ll complete The Soul Spa Alignment Immersion feeling revitalised, inspired, balanced and totally ready to materialise your highest vision for love or your life mission from your beautiful core.

Expect to be delighted, reconnected and ignited by your time with Rhian, which connects you to your desires in love and life through the alchemy of meditation, energy and breath work, the wisdom of the Vedas and the radical shift of Psychospiritual Therapy.


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