I often speak to couples who seek healing for their relationships. But what does this mean?

A fix or solution? A positive transformation? Restoration of what was there before?

It can be all or some of these things. But I’ve noticed the key indicators of healing having taken place are the feelings of peace, security and balance that couples enjoy after having successfully worked on their relationship together.

Peace, security and balance are all powerful aspects of love. 

Love resurfaces when healing occurs. 

How do we heal broken relationships?

Learning how to give and receive love is at the core of nearly everyone’s personal journey of relating. We often miss that this starts with ourselves and so when couples feel stuck in painful patterns of wounding and destruction, refocusing each individual on their own reactions so that they can understand how they make meaning of their interactions can be a powerful way for the healing to begin.

Restoring love between a couple sounds like heaven but it’s easier said than done when drama has become your status quo.

In relationships so many of us are battered and exhausted by our interactions and triggers; constantly dealing with each other’s unmet needs. Crisis management can be reactive and traumatic for couples. We rush to seal commitments and feel the pressure to appear happy and successful. 

Love is revealed when you peel back the layers

As I work with couples to restore the peace, security and balance in their relationships, the simplicity of love starts to shine through. It happens naturally when we peel back the layers of the situations, the pain and the disharmony couples have sometimes been living with for years.

It’s refreshing when they discover that the love was there all along – it had simply been forgotten, diminished and hidden by repeated negative patterns and the passage of time.

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