Sensuality is a lifestyle choice for couples.

When sensual energy flows in your relationship you feel more powerful, self-expressed, alive and awake.

I talk a lot to the couples I work with about couple care within relationships, but we all need to know the specifics that turn these concepts into real practical choices that make a difference.

Today I’m sharing 10 holistic tips you can easily incorporate into your relationship to boost the flow of sensual energy and ramp up the magic in your world.

Even if you’re not too into the mind-body-soul approach, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving a few of my suggestions a try. You may just surprise yourselves!

Enjoy some physical touch – whether you love to indulge in self touch or like to put your partner’s idle hands to work, and even if it’s just a nice back scratch or foot rub, our bodies usually respond positively to pleasant contact with a pair of hands. Without physical touch the skin gets ‘hungry’ and we start to crave the relaxation and connection we experience when we allow ourselves to receive. The ‘feel good’ neuro chemicals that flow when you’re touched in ways you enjoy are a sign that sensual energy is beginning to build. Don’t deny yourselves!

Indulge in some fresh sensual foods – warming spices and chilli release endorphins and heat, raw cacao contains the stimulant theobromine that creates a natural ‘high’ and juicy fruits like watermelon and strawberries activate the tastebuds. Joyful experiences of fresh food rich in life force will boost your sensual energy every time. What gets your juices flowing?

Supplement with natural herbs – plant tonics have been used since ancient times across most cultures. The Vedic tradition recommends Ashwaghanda to balance hormones, replenish the adrenals and heal the endocrine system and Shatavati to increase body sensitivity and support the balance of your body’s lubrication. Drink herb teas made from red fruits, lemongrass or hibiscus for a sensual boost.

Tantalise your senses with essential oils – Put a few drops of sensual essential oil in your bath, blend your own massage oils or choose to diffuse. The most sensual oils I know include Rose, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Choose a reputable brand (like Neals Yard) that utilises steam distillation as opposed to solvent based manufacturing methods and you’ll soon be enjoying some sensual magic and feelings of enhanced well-being. If there’s enough space, hop in the bath together!

Harmonise with the 432Hz frequency – play your favourite positive tunes at 432Hz and you’ll be feeling softer, brighter, clearer and more open hearted in minutes. They say the 432Hz frequency puts you in harmony with the vibration of the Earth making you feel connected, relaxed and sweeter than sweet. Remember – what you choose to listen to will have a direct impact on how you feel. So be mindful of the mood, the lyrics and the intention of any music you play.

Get jiggy with some sensual movement – swing those hips, gyrate in a figure of eight or rock back and forth. Get lost in rhythm and let yourself go. Sensual movement stimulates the kundalini fire energy that resides at the base of your spine, raises your vital chi and makes you feel alive. Stop worrying about what your partner thinks and move in ways that make you feel free – together. Have fun with it and make it silly. Laughter in a relationship is the best medicine.

Meditate and use the breath – a few minutes ‘zen’ can do wonders for your sensual energy. A regular, deep, circular breath helps you feel present in your body and regulates all the systems in your body. Focusing and directing the breath into the lower half of the body helps you feel clear and energised so that sensual energy can start to sparkle and you’ll begin to glow.

Live in colour – don’t underestimate the impact of colour in your world. The colours in your environment and clothing can have a huge impact on your mood and energy. Sensual energy can take many qualities and what you need may vary from day to day. Become more aware of which colours make you feel soothed and rested, which colours make you feel fiery and passionate and which make you feel safe and warm. Prioritise your sensual experience and use colour to enhance your joy. Think about what colours are around you in your bedroom or private space. Are they having an impact?

Mirror, mirror on the wall – look lovingly into each other’s eyes to increase a sense of love and acceptance. Use positive compliments to boost each other’s self image. You can even sing mantras together in and you’ll feel the benefits straight away. Your sensual energy will sky-rocket when you surrender to each other’s beauty and gift yourselves with a dose of loving kindness. When you both indulge in this way, you’ll be one another’s mirror – expanding and sharing the beauty you see in each other.

Adorn yourself with crystals and gemstones – capitalise on the gentle, subtle healing energies that crystals and gems emit. You can wear your gems or use tumble stones for self healing and meditation. Consider what’s been limiting your sensual energy or consult an energy healer to chat about how you can identify your healing needs (I can help with this). Look for suitable healing crystals in mind-body-spirit shops or buy them online. If in doubt, choose Rose Quartz as the perfect all rounder for sensual energy and you can’t go wrong.

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