It’s Full Moon and I’m writing about sensuality. Even just the word alone makes some women cringe.

If you’ve ever felt like dumbing down your sensuality in case it attracts attention, if you often feel numb because you’ve forgotten what it’s like to indulge in simple pleasure or if you believe you don’t fit the image of a ‘sensual woman’ then this Moon-message is essential reading for you.

Tonight’s Lunar energy has reminded me how vital it is we stay in touch with the flow of our emotions. They are the feminine compass that guides our direction and they’re such a gift.

Sensuality is our gateway to emotional awareness and expansion.

Emotion tells you towards whom, what and where you should lean so that you steer an aligned course in life, love or business. And while emotions surge and dip as you navigate your natural feminine cycles, you must listen to this rhythm and honour yourself in order to find balance and keep moving forward.

Remember, without sensuality there is little, or no emotion. And no emotion means no motivation to take action. That’s what happens when you feel numb.

  • Being sensual means you embrace your sensitivity – your capacity for feeling is a strength, not a sign of weakness. It’s a foundation for communion with yourself. It’s how you decide on your boundaries and make your choices because you know what’s right for you.
  • Being sensual means you seek out whatever brings you the most pleasure – just for you. It’s how you create the most joyful vibration based on your most beautiful needs and desires in each moment.
  • Being sensual means you allow yourself to express your unique nature. The Moon shines on us all and doesn’t discriminate. Sensuality isn’t exclusive to a certain type of woman – it’s an inherent part of who each of us are that allows us all to feel free enough to show up fully in whatever we love to do.

Don’t be afraid of your sensual power. Without sensuality, you’ll never be able to find the feeling that connects you energetically to whatever you desire to manifest.

If tonight’s Harvest Moon had a voice She’d remind you that it’s your feminine birthright to feel golden, sparkly and alive.

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