I’ve been talking a lot on social media and livestream about ‘Soulmate’ relationships recently and several women have asked a very pertinent question – how do you actually recognise a Soulmate when you meet one?

It would be incredibly dreamy and romantic for me to tell you that you’ll notice a flash in their eyes, a rainbow will manifest above your heads and your heart will skip a beat to the sound of trumpets, but I’m not sure that kind of response is going to help!

If you want to consciously create a lasting, meaningful and fulfilling relationship you’ve got to be a little bit more down to earth than that.

You’re looking for real signs, right? So here’s five of the best to get you started.

You instantly feel at ease with a Soulmate

Whether you believe a Soulmate is someone with whom you’ve got a pre-destined connection or whether you think you’re a great match by coincidence, you’ll always notice instant familiarity when you meet this kind of partner.

It can feel like you’ve always known one another, even after spending just a few minutes chatting on video call. You’ll find yourself relaxed and at home in their company.

Unspoken recognition feels wonderful and although this isn’t a guarantee that the connection between you will turn out all rosy, it’s a sure sign that there’s something more for you to explore – possibly even a deeper purpose that you can share.

The attraction is more than just physical

When you meet a Soulmate lover they may not always appear to be physically your type but you’ll know you’re attracted to something about the real person inside.

You might be drawn to particular aspects of them that give you deja vu, like their eyes or the sound of their voice. You’ll keep coming back to thoughts about the kind of person they are – it’s like you’ll easily see them as a ‘whole package’ and you’ll feel compelled to get to know them as a ‘whole person’.

This can create powerful sexual chemistry that you may initially find natural, but at the same time difficult to understand on a logical level if they’re not your usual type.

You may have had similar experiences, perceptions or life lessons when you talk about the past

Soulmate conversations are packed with synchronicities.

It can begin with small coincidences – you’ve visited the same places on holiday or you both picked up the same book in the library last week.

It can even get a bit bizarre and mind blowing too!

As you get to know each other you’ll easily find uncanny parallels in your life experiences and you’ll notice you’ve handled certain situations or challenges in similar ways. You may even discover that you’ve developed a similar view of the world, matching attitudes or the same beliefs because of whatever you’ve been through before you met.

Your core values fit

It’s impossible and unrealistic to expect that you and your Soulmate will agree 100% on everything you believe. But when you meet a Soulmate you’ll notice real compatibility between your core values – the set of beliefs we hold dear to our hearts; the authentic truths that we’re unlikely to change.

For me and my Soulmate man our love of animals, our conviction that it’s healthiest to live near the ocean and how we feel about the purpose of our relationship just seems to fit – it’s easy for us to develop a shared vision of the future based on what we both believe.

You both know this is just the beginning

When you meet a true Soulmate you’re unlikely to find yourself questioning whether you’ll see each other again. You might have the sense that you’ll be in each other’s lives for a while or you may feel that there’s already an unspoken agreement to stay connected. 

This doesn’t mean you’ll immediately agree to start a romantic relationship but you’re unlikely to feel concerned that you’ll be rejected and you’ll find it easy to make your intentions clear.

You’ll also find it easy to tell that they’re drawn to you and you’ll know that the magnetism between you is mutual and real.

Even if a relationship isn’t to be, you’ll make an impact on each other and you’ll never forget each other.

When a Soulmate arrives in your life it’s like connecting with a member of the same family.

You may not be able to predict the future but you’ll touch each other deeply and sense that you have the potential to enrich each other’s lives or catalyse valuable learning and growth.

So keep your eyes and heart open if you’re looking for love. Stop listening out for those trumpets and set the intention to experience authenticity and truth.




I can’t wait to connect with you.

Rhian xoxo