In this article I share my Vedic Astrology forecast with a special focus on love and relationships, based on the forthcoming Capricorn New Moon on 11th February 2021 at 19:05pm. 

Find your safe haven within despite the chaos outside

If the first week or so of February has felt a little emotionally turbulent, welcome the New Moon this week because there really is no better time to go within.

The New Moon in the Vedic nakshatra (star) of Dhanishta encourages us to retreat into the abundant haven of our inner world while the outside world feels somewhat chaotic.

We may find ourselves feeling like there’s just too much going on – there may be too many conflicting messages, demands, happenings and distractions.

I don’t want to offer you an invitation to dive back underneath the blanket and get all dark and moody. But it’s definitely the right time to plan a retreat at home, stock up on self care supplies and take care of number one. 

The Sun joins the Moon in the same nakshatra, offering the relief of an optimistic masculine balance to our watery, feminine introspection.

It will feel good to step back be mindful of what we are co-creating in relationships. We can only do our part when we have personal clarity on exactly what that’s about.

Dhanishta is associated with music – I’ll be surrounding myself and my beloved husband with healing tunes this week to counteract any temptation to slip into Saturnian pessimism about our relationship goals.

Be vigilant in matters of the heart

Dhanishta nakshatra corresponds to the stars known as Delphinus – The Dolphin. These beautiful, social ocean mammals have the knack of displaying a playful, joyful demeanour while remaining vigilent, communicating with each other in a complex language of sound vibration.

They also have a highly developed survival instinct and look after each other. They know when it serves them to keep moving and when it’s better to dive into deeper water and stay perfectly still.

We could learn a thing or two from the dolphins if we want to take care of ourselves and our loved one through this New Moon phase because a rare planetary stellium coincides in Capricorn, with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Retrograde Mercury all joining the Sun and Moon there in the 10th astrological house of mission and ambition.

When we consider each of the planets as aspects of our own psyche, we can understand that when they converge like this, we have two choices – to allow chaos, in-fighting and confusion to overwhelm us or to drop resistance and surrender to stillness together so that we can find balance and create inner peace.

Rahu in Rohini Taurus could mislead us in matters of the heart so be aware – what we think will make us happy and abundant isn’t always what will truly deliver the goods.

Be as vigilent as the dolphin and avoid taking reckless action in love over the forthcoming week or so. Simple, clear communication and going back to basics will serve us well.

While the Sun and Moon dance together in Dhanishta’s safe haven, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Retrograde Mercury are reflecting the energy of Shravana – a wise star of learning that is pushes us in a traditional, Saturnian way towards what we trust is right and true.

If we surrender to the New Moon’s stillness and open our hearts and minds to allow Saturn to deliver the karmic messages that we really need to hear right now, we can process, understand and celebrate what is changing in our lives and relationships for our highest good.

Saturn can be harsh and we may not like everything that we hear. But there is a method to this madness. Lessons must be learned and karma will be served so that we can move foward and embrace the lighter times that lie ahead.

It’s rather sweet that the Moon and Sun will continue to dance together on Valentine’s Day – masculine and feminine will complement each other and shift out of Capricorn’s clutches by the 14th.

And during the Moon’s waxing phase, Mercury goes direct and Venus leaves the stellium too, freeing up both heart and mind so that we can enjoy ideas and opportunities that feel fresh and new.

So run yourself a New Moon cleansing bath, turn up the music and take good care of yourself and your loved one this week. This chaos shall pass.

Until next time, namaste!

Rhian xo