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and barely recognised the woman you used to be?

That’s how I feel when I recall who I was fifteen years ago. Back then, I felt empty, disconnected and raw because I’d been through merry hell in miserable, painful relationships that had dominated my life for far too long.

I’d believed I’d found my person but the experience was far from Divine. Gaslighting, manipulation, mind-games, disrespect, dishonesty, control…it only left me feeling worthless and unlovable.

I didn’t believe I could attract real love and felt like I needed nothing less than a miracle to turn it all around.

My self-esteem and self-image were at rock bottom in those days. Concepts like self-care, self-expression and self-love were alien to me. When I wasn’t striving for love and approval from people in my life who would never oblige, I was seeking distractions to avoid the sadness and pain. It was the darkest night of my soul.

Sound familiar?


your body-mind connection is severed and your Divine Feminine energy is numbed


Finding real love feels so daunting that you may not even know how or where to begin.

It’s like the heartache strips every part of you away. You begin to feel like nobody understands you. It seems like you always allow emotionally unavailable lovers into your life and you may even tell yourself that relationships feel too risky.

And although you crave love and know you have so much to give, you probably wonder if healthy intimate relationships are even possible for you.


Sensuality and pleasure become elusive and you’re shut down. I lost my confidence and hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I also lost trust in my power to attract and connect with other people. If dealing with other people triggers an emotional roller-coaster for you, confusion and mistrust has probably become your default position. 


When all you can do is keep your head above water because you’re struggling to move on from a difficult past, you can’t imagine how you’ll ever meet your potential in business or reach for your dreams.

In those days, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and self-doubt, especially when it came to making choices for myself, owning my voice or expressing my talents. 


You’ll probably know exactly how hopeless I felt when my efforts to transform never seemed to be enough. You feel completely stuck in a cycle of guilt and shame.

I blamed myself, telling myself that I must be the problem. I felt like a victim and believed I wasn’t worth anything more. 

Until the Sacred Feminine touched me


Have you ever felt so desperate for change that you’ve explored any possible avenue that might bring relief and healing? 

Well, that was me. But whether fate and destiny played a hand or whether it was simply a matter of chance, the Sacred Feminine called me and discovering her healing path completely transformed my life. 

She woke me up. And I discovered that the Divine miracle I’d prayed for was inside me all along.

She catapulted me from my life of disconnection and pain to a world of self-discovery in the ancient town of Glastonbury – also known as Avalon, the land of the Goddess.

Those first years of healing my inner Goddess helped me say ‘enough is enough’ and remember exactly who I am.

The Empath. The gifted intuitive. The nature spirit. The highly sensitive, creative woman who’s all about the love, the sensuality, the sweet music and the high magic.

That’s who you are too, by the way. 

I embraced my Priestess path and unleashed my passion for the mystical arts of the Sacred Feminine.

I studied energy medicine, meditation, crystals and gems, ritual, womb wisdom, shadow work, sacred sex, the mysteries of the Kundalini, Vedic Astrology and the healing power of voice, breath and sound.

I finally released the grip that lingering trauma had on my nervous system, my heart and my soul. I radically reclaimed my power and my voice and broke the karmic cycle of drama and heartache once and for all.

I awakened to the incredible possibility of my Twin Flame and once I’d had a clear vision of what was really possible for me, I began creating my own alignment and calling out to the Universe to manifest this Divine love.

I did the Inner Work – alchemising my emotional energy, integrating my life lessons and finding love and Union within myself.

And I learned the real truth about spiritual love – the journey has nothing to do with manifesting a specific person or focusing on the other person…getting stuck in toxic cycles of running and chasing, being abandoned or feeling let down.

The truth is that Twin Flame is a Sacred relationship frequency and a Divine Union with a True Twin Flame is available to us all. 

I didn’t have to wait for a misaligned ex-lover to heal and awaken or blame myself because they didn’t choose me.  I hadn’t missed my chance because it wasn’t meant for this lifetime or because I was doomed or cursed.

I learned how all women can become mistresses of our own destiny. I realised that when you make conscious choices aligned with the wisdom of your sovereign soul, you can free yourself from the past once and for all.

You can open to receive whoever and whatever brings you pure joy.

You can master the art of Divine, healthy intimacy and Sacred relating and there’ll be no more toxic dynamics, codependency, childhood wounds, unmet needs, ghosts or frogs!

You can attract, embrace and nurture True Twin Flame love with the Divine destiny partner who’s meant for you when you’ve re-coded and aligned yourself.

This is how I recalibrated my entire being so that I could magnetise my True Twin Flame and do the purpose work that I was truly destined for – the work I do today.

Now I live by the sea with my children, animals and the gorgeous man I attracted who I know was always truly meant for me. My True Twin Flame. 

And I know that you can magnetise your True Twin Flame too.


I facilitate for women today…

Having made it my business to learn exactly what sets women – like you and me – free from the heartbreaking karmic legacy of False Twin Flames and misaligned relationships, I activate the alchemical codes of self-awareness, self-love, self-expression and pleasure that heal the heart and restore the Divine blueprint of the body, mind and soul so that you can finally come home to yourself and magnetise your True Twin Flame.

I show you how to reclaim your inner peace and sovereignty, re-code your energy and get into Divine Alignment with the True Twin Flame you’re seeking. 

I help you navigate healthy dating and relating like a Goddess and embrace intimacy again.

But what I learned, implemented and integrated did not manifest overnight. I trained as a trauma informed Psychodynamic Sex and Relationship Therapist with Relate, the UK’s National organisation for relationships and psychosexual well-being. I delivered thousands of clinical hours helping people solve complex problems in their love lives. 

I took a post qualification Diploma in Mindfulness and worked with the mental health charity, Mind. I studied Sex Therapy, travelled to the USA to qualify as an Urban Tantra Professional and learned the true meaning of embodiment through Tantric awakening massage.

I studied the neuro-biology of relationship trauma and mastered the art of recalibrating the nervous system to restore safety, balance and inner peace.

And the issues always go back further than you think.

You see, at the start of my healing journey it became clear that the events of my childhood had programmed and predisposed me to the problems that presented in my adult relationships. And it takes professional expertise to be able to safely facilitate healing for wounds that are so deep, intimate and profound.

That’s why I developed my safe, professional signature combination of psychology, spirituality and energy medicine – The Divine Union Miracle Method – that liberates women from the past and I deliver it lovingly, with exquisite Sacred Feminine sensitivity and grace. 

And I hold space as you consciously choose the behavioural change that builds fresh, tangible evidence to support the new paradigm you’re creating for your relationships and life based on unconditional love, healthy boundaries and your highest Twin Flame truth. 

The Divine Union Miracle Method


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“We love Rhian’s authenticity – she is calm and full of knowledge. She’s helped us to know true value of loving each other within our marriage.”

VP, California, USA

“I had a wonderful deeply insightful Vedic Astrology reading with the beautiful Rhian today! Wow…so revealing, affirming and reassuring. I gained so much understanding of my karmic life lessons, relationship with my children and ex – it was utterly eye opening. The insights gained through my Vedic chart have been invaluable. Rhian has such a gentle, sensitive, Divinely Feminine way of delivering the most delicate information in a clear, concise, kind and compassionate way, which makes all the difference when taking it all in, effortlessly.”

EOC, Ireland

“I’ve been single for 11 years and I’m ready for that next chapter. However I knew I still needed to do some work on myself before venturing down that path. The time spent with Rhian was so healing. She supported me in such a loving way that has helped me shift some energies in my life. The way she has meshed her gifts as a professional therapist with her intuitive energy healing gifts is an absolute joy. I can go on and on about how awesome she is and what a loving light she brings to this world. Rhian, thank you and I love you for everything.”

KD, Oregon, USA

“If any of you are wondering whether or not you need Rhian’s loving guidance in your life – you completely do! RIGHT NOW! I’m currently wrapping up her self love program and it has made my current situation SO MUCH NICER. I am, right now, the living embodiment of feeling the fear and doing it anyway in a HUGE portion of my life. I thank Rhian for the inner platinum fearlessness that I’ve been experiencing since I was introduced to her. What a gift she is to the world, I’m SO grateful I found her.”

JA, Florida, USA

“Rhian has taught me how to love myself again and now I have my zest for life back. She is a natural teacher with so much to give to others. I could never thank her enough for being there at my time of need.”

TJ, Newquay, Cornwall

“Rhian is a wonderfully warm and supportive soul. Her knowledge is vast and is delivered in a warm caring and very down to earth way. A pleasure to work with you. Thank you for holding a space for me to explore what I needed as I enter my ‘crone’ phase of life.

SA, Scotland

“Rhian has such a huge wealth of knowledge in so many different areas and delivers the knowledge in such a clear, calm and understandable way that really resonates with me. I hold Rhian in such high esteem and her courses have been all that I had hoped for and so much more. Most importantly I feel she really walks the walk in what she offers and does not just talk the talk so to speak as she delivers in abundance and authenticity. I really cannot recommend working Rhian enough and am excited to continue my self development journey with Rhian this year.”

VP, Ireland

“This wonderful Woman in my eyes deserves a 5 star indeed. The advice and positive vibes I receive are just amazing and very supported. Rhian works long hours I’m sure to make her courses simple to understand and the pdfs she puts together are just beautiful. She continues to support all her followers on a daily basis.”

AW, Torbay, UK

“I felt a connection with Rhian from the moment we virtually met. She is warm and personable and a wealth of knowledge. Her accomplishments in life and her areas of expertise speak for themselves, her bright smile and ‘lifelong friend’ personality are the icing on the cake.”

LK, Canada

“Rhian offers wonderful programs full of information to help you along your journey, she’s always able to answer questions and nothing is too much trouble. She is the most amazing teacher and pure light filled soul.”

CH, Wigan, UK

“Rhian’s vast and diverse knowledge enables her to find, guide and counsel you through your personal challenges. She builds a unique bond with you, easily allowing you to trust her, from the first appointment. Thanks to Rhian (and her patience) I feel empowered, confident and worthy. She is amazing.”

CC, Brackley, UK

“Rhian is one of those once in a lifetime coaches who totally change your life. I’m super happy with my session and am amazed it has taken me so long to discover this gem.”



“Rhian is very knowledgeable and helpful. I deeply value her skills and guidance. If you are thinking of investing, don’t even doubt it!”

YH, Australia

“Rhian is the first person I turn to for spiritual guidance – her intuition is incredible and her messages are spot on. She is supportive and a fantastic mentor who inspires me every day.”

WF, Turkey


“Thank you Rhian for your willingness to share. You have opened my eyes to a realm, that if left undiscovered, I would still be wondering why I keep hitting a glass ceiling. Your insight and advice will be monumental to removing the blocks for next level service.”



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