There are so many reasons why energy healing can benefit relationships. This is why I continue to teach Reiki and other healing modalities as part of my love and relationship focused work.

Learning how to give and receive love is at the core of nearly everyone’s personal journey. We often miss that this starts with ourselves.

The meaning of the word ‘Reiki’ is ‘Life Force Energy’. Given that the principal quality of life force energy is the purest essence of love, experiences of self-healing and offering healing to other people or situations can transform the way we think about and relate to everyone and everything in our lives.

Love is healing

If you want to get really deep and meaningful about it, love is what reconciles our eternity and mortality – this is why healing is transcendent; it restores balance and peace. It soothes our deepest fears.

In relationships so many of us are battered and exhausted by our interactions and triggers; constantly dealing with each other’s unmet needs. Crisis management is reactive and traumatic. We rush to seal commitments and feel the pressure to appear happy and successful. 

Have you ever truly felt love?

It’s no surprise that when I ask my clients to pause for a moment and be honest with themselves about whether they actually truly know and feel love, so many of them reply that they’re unsure that real love has ever been within their realm of experience.

I wondered this morning what would happen if I replaced the words ‘Reiki’ or ‘healing’ in my marketing materials with the word ‘love’.

Perhaps that would be enough to help people who are new to the world of energy see the deeper value in healing work.

In the meantime, here are three reasons why self-healing, the way I teach it, might be just what you need right now if you’re working on receiving, giving and feeling more love in your life.

Healing (love) restores intimacy

I show you how healing helps you take responsibility for shifting the issues that block your capacity for intimacy – the negative emotional patterns, the trauma responses, the lack of self worth, the fear or insecurity.

Healing (love) helps us move on

I show you how healing supports you to work constructively to find the compassion, forgiveness and freedom you’ve been seeking from past relationship pain.

Healing (love) restores connection

I show you how healing empowers your sensitive, empathic side so that you’re available for deeper and greater relationship connection.

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