We use the notion of feelings to express how we experience our emotions. When we do this, we’re making meaning from what we sense about ourselves – and that, to me, is how we begin to interpret the nature of our energy.

Energy healing is all about the unseen, the untangible. But it’s experienced profoundly by those who are sensitive enough to be drawn to the healing path and those who are open enough to listen to and value feeling, using it as a compass for understanding what’s really going on in their lives. For me, the experience is often just as real as something I can physically touch.

Healing really isn’t about ‘curing’ disease or managing symptoms – it’s not focused purely on the physical body and the paradigm of ‘sick or not sick’ championed by conventional medicine. It’s really much more about restoring and maintaining balance, understanding the subtle correspondences that contribute to homeostasis, knowing that there is much more to us than what’s visible at the tip of the iceberg and being empowered by the fact that we can create our own futures by making better well-being choices in the here and now.

Trusting that we have an infinite capacity for change means that we can have faith in our capacity to heal. Suspending doubt means that we can allow transformation to occur – despite the fact that the naysayers might be adamant that science says certain things just can’t happen. I love the optimism, the possibility, the knowing that we are so much more than just the physical bodies we can touch and see.

Energy healing gives us a little taste of our true power when we take that step beyond our usual limitations and accept that challenge to explore untapped areas of our consciousness. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie? It feels so rich and fulfilling that going back into the world of the naysayers just isn’t an option – at least, that’s how it’s been for me. And that’s why thirteen years on from my first experience of Reiki I’m still as passionate about this beautiful healing modality and in awe of the magical feeling of flow it creates.

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