When was the last time you invested in yourself?

If I see another sales line in the online space encouraging women to invest in themselves to develop and grow so that they can have the business success or love they’re seeking I might just zone right out and fall off my chair in a deep hypnotic trance.

Sorry, I’m going to say it and risk making myself unpopular right now. I’m bored of that one.

It’s not that I don’t value personal or business development. Of course I can see the benefit of putting my energy in the right place to forge rewards for my future. Seeing the purchase of a course or program as an investment that will scale my life or business is an important reason to click that ‘buy’ button.

When it’s not just an excuse.

But when using the excuse of ‘investment’ as a reason to ease the nagging guilt you feel about spending money – on that online program, an item of clothing or a trip abroad – it’s just a sticking plaster for something deeper you need to address.

And if you’ve hidden behind ‘investment’ as a reason to buy or you’ve said the words ‘I don’t feel so bad about buying x because it’s an investment…’ you’ve got some work to do.

Here’s the thing – there is a deeper place where you should be focusing right now and it’s not about making investments or committing to growth.

It’s about receiving.

When was the last time you GIFTED yourself?

Let’s say there’s something you want. Something so tempting and delicious that you know it’s perfect for you. It doesn’t matter why it’s perfect – but you know the ultimate result is going to meet your needs. Pleasure, joy, experience, fulfilment, happiness, expansion, knowledge. Whatever that thing delivers is something you’re hungry to have in your life. Quite rightly so.

If you want it you have to say yes. If you say yes you need to make the exchange. If you make the exchange you’ve got to receive.

And guess what, you don’t need an excuse. It’s your Goddamn gift to you.

One of the biggest lessons I offer my clients when it comes to alleviating guilt around receiving is to practice GIFTING yourself from a space of entitlement.

We start with self love. We move to self pleasure. Gifting. Indulging. Just because.

That’s the energy behind ‘manifesting’ explained right here on this screen in front of your very eyes.

Then you can apply the learning to the other aspects of your life – you know, those places where the lack or unworthiness still shows up as low confidence, stifled creativity or the inability to close sales. The places where guilt makes you a little bit unsure, a touch too humble and you can’t seem to find your power.

The message? Stop using excuses like ‘investment’ to stick a plaster over the nagging guilt.

Practice GIFTING yourself to make your choices from a deeper place of honesty. GIFTING yourself is you saying YES to whatever the most authentic, aligned experience your soul wants YOU to create.

You don’t need to invest to open fully to receiving. You simply have to GIFT.

So get rid of the guilt and you’ll 10x your ability to ‘manifest’ in one easy step. You’re entitled. And you’re worth it.

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