Guilt, that overwhelming lack of value you feel when it comes to claiming and receiving your desires, often shows up in two key areas of women’s lives – sexuality and money. When lack of value becomes attached to your ideas about the things you’re yearning for not only do you block yourself from receiving them, the fact you even dare to have the desire becomes a source of guilt and negativity too.

This is one of the biggest reasons why women give up on their goals, label ‘manifesting’ as a load of BS, abandon their self-care and fall into those old patterns of beating themselves up.

It’s easier to say that something isn’t working than to face the fact that you’re in your own way, especially when the solution involves standing up and owning desires that relate to two very emotive things – sex and cash, right?

So how can you stop it, ditch the guilt, start creating your reality and become that receptive, wealthy, fulfilled woman you know you were born to be?

Here’s your solution – PURPOSE. Let me enlighten you because I know you’re going to love this.

So this week, I’ve been journaling around my purpose.

Why? Because getting a clearer connection with my Higher Self and creating greater alignment with my mission feels vital to me…and it’s truth that no matter how much self development work you do, there are always more layers to peel away on the path of self discovery.

Like many other online entrepreneurs, I’ve become pretty clear about the gifts and talents I’ve got to share, the professional expertise I bring to the table and the things that light me up. I already teach women about the importance of sexual expression, owning their desires and show them how to manifest wealthy lives.

What’s more, I can even tackle both sides of the coin at the same time – holy moly, that’s magic!

I’ve become a pro at receiving abundance, right? And I know my purpose is to teach, heal, counsel and support women to rise. Sounds like Rhian has her purpose nailed!

Errr…yes, maybe…errr no, not quite.

There’s been something pretty big missing and it’s time to put that right because that’s what my soul is calling for and I’ll bet yours is calling for something similar too.

What if PURPOSE actually has two distinct parts? 

Many of you are working on the first part, the bit about mission – what you’re here to DO. After 20+ years in the personal development industry, I’ve evolved to run a business that allows me to do exactly what I’m made for and best at. That box is nicely ticked. If you’re not there yet, I hope you’re working on yours.

But there’s a second part that really matters –  a lot.

What if purpose is also about what you’re here to EXPERIENCE?

I can tell you, as soon as your Higher Self starts downloading that magic through your pen onto the pages of your journal, all those dark, little residual energies of guilt lurking in your Root Chakra relating to your unworthy feelings about CASH and SEXUAL PLEASURE start to shift. And it feels so good.

  • EXPERIENCE is where we find the FEELING that can be so elusive to women who practice Law of Attraction.
  • EXPERIENCE is where our souls WITNESS our actions, interactions and creations.
  • EXPERIENCE is what we process to LEARN, EVOLVE and spiritually GROW.

Experience is the icing on the purpose cake and that’s the rainbow you’ve been chasing. 

Looking at it this way, how can I feel guilty about the cash or the sex I yearn for when it’s really my soul’s PURPOSE to EXPERIENCE all that jazz?

I don’t know about you but I’m not on this roller coaster ride to deny my purpose, my raison d’etre, the whole f***ing point of it all.

Conclusion. When you surrender to exactly what your soul needs to EXPERIENCE, guilt transforms into little sparkles of inspiration. You can take action to create your wealthy, sexy, abundant life at zero emotional cost.

All of a sudden I feel like your Fairy Godmother.

Your soul is yearning for the EXPERIENCE of ABUNDANCE –  cash in the bank, a wealthy, affluent lifestyle, five-star luxury, travel and all the trimmings. Whatever does it for you. Let’s tick that box right now.

Your soul demands EXPERIENCES of PLEASURE – sexual expression, multiple orgasms, the glow of fulfilment. Anything that floats your boat. Ok, let’s tick that box too.

So understand right now this is simply all part of your PURPOSE because it’s what your soul truly needs.


PURPOSE = What you’re here to EXPERIENCE + what you’re here to DO.

You don’t have to thank me. But it’s time to do the work and show up in your authenticity.


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