In this article I share my Vedic Astrology forecast with a special focus on love and relationships, based on the forthcoming Cancer Full Moon on 28th January 2021 at 19:16pm. 

As the energy builds, the message is all about connection.

Listen to the voice of the heart

Full Moon amplifies our emotions and we may notice the divine voice of our heart speaking loud and clear this week. The Moon is exalted in the Vedic nakshatra (star) of Pushya, which encourages us to become more compassionately focused on our own emotional needs. 

The nuance of Pushya reminds us that there is always enough love, care and nourishment available for all so there’s no need to self-sacrifice in order to offer love and care to our beloved ones. 

Opening and expanding our Heart chakra to tap into an undeniable, unlimited source of Universal Love energises and replenishes us so that we feel spiritually connected, fulfilled and supported.

For those of us who’ve recently felt isolated or unloved, this Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to allow ourselves to feel soothed and comforted through Heart chakra meditation or self love and self care rituals. 

Before we can truly be present with and offer love to another, we must learn to be present with and offer love to ourselves. Celebrating and nurturing ourselves this Full Moon is what’s going to help us become more receptive to love and connection.

Two hearts meet as one

The most significant factor in the skies during this Full Moon relates to the fact that four planets are active in Saturnian Capricorn, the seventh Vedic house of relationships in this chart.

With the Sun and Moon dancing opposite each other in perfect balance there is a restored feeling of faith and harmony between the masculine and feminine principles as the energy peaks on 28th.

We feel secure enough to explore how we can co-create relationships that will work for both individuals, despite perceived differences between ourselves and the other. 

The Sun sits between Jupiter and Saturn, all with the nakshatra of Shravana, prompting us to act in wise, balanced, authentic ways in love. 

There are great rewards to be reaped from fostering ‘temperance’, the balance between fire and water. We learn to be temperate by noticing how neither reckless rebellion nor stubborn inflexibility have served us in the past.

We also remember that going hot and cold with our partners, offering them mixed messages or being inconsistent about our values, boundaries and needs will never bring results.

Shravana teaches us to listen and persevere. This energy is perfect for compromise, cooperation and collaboration so that two hearts can meet as one.

Asking ourselves questions like ‘where is our common ground?’ and ‘how can we share a vision?’ will help us create deeper connection with our existing or potential love match.

Venus makes an appearance here too, in Uttarashada, anchoring us to the deep knowing that love always wins. There’s huge value in leaning right into Heart to Heart connection. Love always finds a way.

Open up and welcome support

Finally, with a Bharani Mars in the tenth Vedic house of career in Aries, those of us engaged in purpose and mission work may be pouring energy into birthing new, soul-led projects over the next few weeks.

Caring for ourselves and receiving support from our loved ones feels important if we’re to sustain progress with our mission.

So deconstruct those emotional walls – it’s perfectly okay to reach out and ask for what we need. No matter how much strength and courage we have, our connection with others will help us succeed.

Celebrate how loved and loveable you truly are this Full Moon and allow yourself a few moments to open and expand your Heart. It’s time to welcome connection.

Until next time, namaste!

Rhian xo