In this article I share my Vedic Astrology forecast with a special focus on love and relationships, based on the chart of the Full Moon on 27th February 2021 at 8:17am. 

We may have found ourselves feeling more open hearted and noticing that our relationships have finally warmed up as this week has progressed.

It’s time to receive!

This lovely Leo Full Moon, in the Vedic Nakshatra (star) of Poorva Phalguni, has already been bathing us in a comforting, restorative light that supports us to relax, open up and accept the good things in life.

After the trials of January and February, filling our own cup will feel easier and more natural for us over the next couple of weeks. When the Cosmos is aligned this way it’s important to make the most of it and treat ourselves in the way we prefer to be treated.

We’re being reminded that we’re meant to be creative, abundant and claim our worth. This is all about owning our desires and allowing ourselves to receive love and abundance, with true Leonine style and splendour.  We all deserve to feel like the cat who got the cream. This Full Moon invites us to say yes to ourselves, without the guilt or shame.

Those who are searching for new love may be feeling especially blessed and excited by whoever appears on their radar. Couples in existing relationships may feel a delicious, fresh energy emerging between them.

When we choose to let it happen and to feel it all, we allow ourselves to revel in the sparkles of attraction, chemistry and magic.

Those who feel more focused on their work or mission can tap into downloads of creative inspiration, passion and motivation as the Full Moon energy peaks.

It’s a great time to become productive and muster up enthusiasm for new projects. Think big and be ambitious because it will pay off when we’re supported by this energy.

Let it all happen with ease and grace

The Moon is beautifully aspected by Venus and The Sun in Shatabisha Aquarius, reflecting healing, balance and new perspectives into our relationships.

Although Venus is combust by The Sun in this chart, it feels like love and optimism have merged, making us more emotionally available to ourselves and others. Many of us will feel hungry for connection because our inner resistance literally melts away with ease and grace in this warm, healing light.

When we find ourselves noticing the common ground rather than the differences between us there’s more mutual appreciation, more collaboration and more compromise. Problems are de-escalated and solutions can feel so easy right now, especially when we create them together.

We’ll be less inclined to isolate ourselves and we’ll find company, laughter and connection soothes and heals our previously cold or lonely hearts.

How to celebrate

This Full Moon offers us a fabulous opportunity to celebrate all that feels right and good and to affirm that we are ready for our next level in life and love, whatever that may be.

It feels fitting to make our Leo Full Moon rituals luxurious and remember that we are entitled to embody our Queen energy.

Life is always happening for us.

The Goddesses in my awareness this Full Moon include Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lion-headed Goddess, who encourages us to transform our hunger for love and success into a sense of fearless, passionate entitlement.

I’m also drawn to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of abundance, who inspires us to release ideas of limitation and trust that we have the innate capacity to create a truly rich experience in business and love.

So relax and let it all come to you during this Full Moon. You deserve to feel like the cat who got the cream!

Until next time, namaste.

Rhian xo


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