I’ve been thinking about how the art of manifesting gets such a bad rap for being too woo-woo. And you know, the way it’s portrayed by so-called ‘experts’ in the field, I’m not surprised. When it’s all about the incantations, creating pretty altars and asking the Universe but nothing actually happens, it’s reasonable that you’re disillusioned and give up trying to use Law of Attraction to reach your goals.

It’s not that those things don’t count. Believe me, the woo-woo stuff actually has a lot of value.

  • It opens your awareness to the fact that you’re working with something bigger than just what you can see. The stuff that conventional science has yet to prove. Truth.
  • It super-charges your focus with golden emotions like hope, faith, belief and courage – all of which inspire your actions as you work towards your goals. On point.

(But this is where I also have to say that most women aren’t even getting the woo-woo right because they’re listening to ‘experts’ who’ve got no real depth in their application of the metaphysics – and that’s a whole different blog post).

But remember this – the woo-woo is only one aspect of the conditions that must be in place in order to manifest any desired outcome successfully.

Without intentional action in exact alignment with your goals, manifestation will always fail.

So many women I speak to fall short when it comes to this piece. I notice the conditions you put in place in your life seem to draw you in so many different directions that your actions become contradictory. You become frustrated and complain you’re stuck.

And when you do get results it feels more like a case of luck being on your side.

It’s like that bad sex you keep having over and over again in so many different ways that never leads to satisfaction. When are you going to shift gear and allow yourself to indulge in what really works to get you over the finish line every single time?

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses.

  • If you desire a soul mate, live from that intention and make all your choices in alignment with that goal. Stop randomly dating unsuitable partners. Stop distracting yourself by telling yourself you’re better off single.
  • If you want a six figure income, live from that intention and put the conditions in place to make it happen. Stop putting your energy into projects that don’t deliver results. Stop making other choices about how you spend your time and do the work.

What I’m saying is that manifestation is simple when all the conditions are perfectly in place. When your desires don’t materialise it means that the conditions – which YOU mostly control, by the way – simply weren’t right.

No wonder you feel drained, exhausted and hopeless and your mojo’s disappeared down the plug hole.

This is where the skill of harnessing your orgasmic energy for manifesting really comes into it’s own.

Think of orgasmic energy as the bridge between the world of energy and the world of material reality. It’s where woo-woo meets practical action.¬†When you’ve mastered this art, you’ll start to see it as one of the essential conditions of manifesting because your results will start materialising thick and fast.

It’s a magic that you can unleash as well as a power that you can direct and control.

  • Orgasmic energy connects you with that infinite space of creation you’ve been desperately trying to reach through the usual ‘woo-woo’ stuff but it no longer feels like a shot in the dark. You can feel it, direct it and send it exactly where it needs to be.
  • Orgasmic energy raises your vibration so that all that golden positivity you need to infuse into your manifesting really starts to flow. There isn’t any other feel good factor quite like it.
  • Orgasmic energy physically empowers and emotionally motivates your intentional action with creative force and determination like nothing else you can ever imagine.

Orgasmic energy is all within YOU – but you just have to know how to join up all the dots.

So this is for you if you really want results with Law of Attraction.

Let’s set some truly inspired, aligned intentions, tighten up the conditions and start living joyfully to meet those goals. Ramp up this manifesting game 1000x with your orgasmic power and I promise – you’ll really start to make things happen.

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