I love the delight and magic of aphrodisiac foods and so does my partner.

From ancient Indian and Chinese herbal traditions to European folklore, food has always been said to influence sexual desire and arousal in one way or another. The word ‘Aphrodisiac’, used to describe foods that boost the libido, hails from the ancient Greek myth of the Goddess Aphrodite. Associated with the oyster, she rose from the sea adorned with a powerful magic belt that could spark desire and reunite the passion of quarrelling lovers.

Today’s scientific world might mean that we’re less inclined to buy into mysterious ideas about food but since we have the ability to analyse the nutrients and compounds in what we eat, we do have knowledge about the affects that food can have on the brain and body chemistry.

While it’s questionable exactly what quantity of certain foods we’d need to eat to generate strong physiological effects, aphrodisiacs still have a charming place in our cultural lexicon.

My view is that we draw on other ideas ingrained in the psyche – like our understanding of colour correspondence, sexual associations about the taste, shape and texture of certain foods and subconscious connections with symbolism – that mean we find aphrodisiacs appealing. This fits with my integrated mind-body-soul view of sexuality. And let’s face it, intention and belief are everything. When we want something to work and believe it’s possible, it’s more likely our experience will be affirming.

Cooking and eating can be delightfully sensual. There’s something about the planning and preparation of a luxurious meal that mirrors the ritualistic preparations we make for sexual encounters. The act of eating itself is a seductive metaphor packed with innuendo, so the fun of sharing aphrodisiac foods with your sex partner/s can help build the mood for the delights ahead.

So what’s on the menu? Get ready to be inspired by my aphrodisiac dinner choices, designed to get your mouth watering and heart pumping ready for a long, hot session in the boudoir.

Skin-on prawns with watermelon balls ~ Filet steak dripping with truffle butter ~

Sticky, fresh figs topped with vanilla bean ice cream

I adore this menu for it’s strong flavours and textures. The messy, salty prawns rich in arousal-boosting phenylalanine work perfectly with the juicy watermelon balls, said to contain nutrients that relax the blood vessels for better sexual flow. Take your time peeling those prawns and lick your fingers clean. I promise your sex partner will appreciate just how well you can do the job.

A melt in the mouth filet steak boosts the feel-good neurochemical dopamine and when it’s oozing with truffle butter, which some claim smells similar to human pheromones, you’re guaranteed to start gawping at each other with a twinkle in the eye.

Finally, get your hands messy when you prise open the sweet, sticky figs famed for their resemblance to the vulva. Savour the cool, erotic sensation of vanilla bean ice cream on your tongue. It’s bound to freshen your palate ready for the Frenchiest of kisses. I reckon you’ll be leaving the washing up until the morning.

Roasted asparagus with basil and pine nuts ~ Sweet potato curry with ginger and coconut milk ~ Red berries dipped in chilli chocolate

Get ready to go round the world with this tantalizing array of spine-tingling culinary treats. Phallic, libido-boosting asparagus complemented with sexy-scented basil and pine nuts to promote testosterone production has a distinctly romantic, Italian feel. Indulge in some eye-gazing and under-the-table foot play while you tuck in to let each other know exactly what you’ll be tucking into later.

The main event takes us to Thailand, a place to explore Tantric connection and sexual wellness. Sweet potatoes deliver a hit of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for sexual health, ensuring erectile function, body secretions and fertility are well maintained. A dash of coconut milk and a hint of ginger added to this dish will support healthy circulation and boost energy levels for greater sexual stamina. Knowing you’ve nourished your body with the nutrients it needs can help increase confidence in your sexual capacity and generates an inner glow you’ll be aching to share.

To finish, get playful with your sex partner as you feed each other a bowl of sweet, red, ripe British berries, allowing the endorphins and serotonin released in your brain by the decadent combination of chilli and chocolate to get you all worked up and ready for the passion to flow. Be creative with ways of teasing each other – you can always clean up later.

This could be just the right moment to crack open a bottle of something sparkly to add to the giggle and get down to action. You need to work up an appetite for breakfast, after all!

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