Have you ever questioned whether relationships have a deeper purpose?

Have you ever reflected on previous relationships and noticed that they changed you, catalysed new aspects of awareness or created opportunities that were pivotal on your life path?

I believe all our relationships impact us and have the capacity to change us – and I also believe this happens for good reason.

The truth is relationships are complicated. And they’re a two-way process, which means that the deeper purpose may be different for each partner in a relationship connection.

When we understand what’s happening for us from a reflexive perspective, it can help us to process events, make emotional progress and integrate the personal growth that will make all the difference to our future.

So to help you create some order out of the chaos of your relationship history, I’m sharing five different kinds of relationships that so many clients I’ve worked with have encountered during their journey of experience with love.

The Destroyer  – this is the kind of relationship that triggers unhelpful patterns, digs up insecurities, makes you feel disempowered…but ultimately challenges you to assert stronger boundaries, claim your worth or work through your trauma.

The purpose? One big theme for many a relationship journey is learning how to rise like the phoenix from the flames, to rebuild after experiences of destruction and how to create something better by starting again.

The Transformer – this is the kind of relationship that catalyses shifts of attitude or changes in your behaviour choices that will create better outcomes for you as you move forward in your journey of relating.

The purpose? It’s in human nature to be drawn to know ourselves deeply, to experience ourselves more deeply and to master relationships in order to enjoy our true, highest potential for giving and receiving love.

The Educator – this is the kind of relationship that opens your eyes to new information and encourages you to develop new skills (practical or emotional) so that you become more competent on your life path.

The purpose? Love is a creative force. When we experience love we often feel a boost of creative power that’s more easily channeled towards ideas and inspiration rather than towards taking practical action to actually make something happen. The challenge is to find a balance between the two so that relationships can be solid, secure and productive.

The Connector – this is the kind of relationship that facilitates connections with new people or places that become important or profound.

The purpose? Everything and everyone is interconnected and love works in mysterious ways – subconsciously we’ll find a way to make the connections that are meant for us so that we can explore our purpose individually or within a couple.

The Heart Opener – this is the kind of healing relationship that restores your faith in love and joy or helps you break down emotional armour that you’ve put up after heartbreak or pain.

The purpose? For every painful relationship experience you’ve internalised, it takes at least four positive, joyful experiences for you to start to assimilate a more helpful way of relating. Sometimes we need to experience loving arms around us, surrender to trust and follow the lead of a way-shower so that we can understand that it’s okay to feel safe again with intimacy and love.

Why do we attract relationships with such profound and powerful themes?

Perhaps there are elements of karma, destiny, synchronicity, coincidence and deliberate choice in the mix as well as the power of subconscious magnetism in the magic that brings relationships together but it really doesn’t matter what you believe.

Ultimately, I have faith that learning, expansion and growth can come from every relationship experience, no matter how difficult things have been. Relationships are a mirror in that they show us what we need to see.

With the care and support of an experienced, professional Mentor, you can start to look into that mirror with honest eyes. When you understand exactly what your experiences have been teaching you, there’s a real opportunity to awaken to the bright, beautiful future you can create.

This is the kind of inner work that helps you master relationships once and for all.

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