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My name's Rhian

My name's Rhian

I’m a Conscious Dating & Relationship Consultant, Love & Intimacy Mentor to passionate, successful women & Founder of The Soulmate Success System.

I work with women & couples using my unique blend of psychotherapeutic techniques & holistic wisdom. I create transformational online programs because I see so many women struggling with dating, relationships, love & intimacy without knowing where to turn for a solution.

I have the unique asset of a solid professional background as a psychodynamic Sex & Relationship Therapist with thousands of therapy hours helping singles & couples under my belt combined with 20+ years experience in holistic healing, energy & body work. I’ve trained with some of the highest profile providers in the business – including Relate & Barbara Carrellas of Urban Tantra.

My clients have ranged from lawyers, doctors, politicians, actors & even celebrities to self made entrepreneurs – coaches, therapists & healers.

Introducing my signature program

The Soulmate Success System

Hey, High Flying Lady

I know why you’re hanging out here…

I know you’re an ambitious, successful woman & you’re determined to have it all. Just like me, you’re passionate, intelligent & your work is your mission. But I also know you’re reading this with curiosity because deep inside, something’s missing that you haven’t been able to fix – you’re craving intimacy & you’re yearning for love.

It can feel pretty lonely when relationships have ended & you’ve been hurt. I remember what it’s like to overwork, compensate for what’s missing & kid yourself that professional success is enough. But you can’t ignore your needs forever & I know that if you’re still for just a moment, you can almost hear your soulmate calling.

I believe that loving & feeling loved is right at the heart of women’s well-being. I also know that every woman can have a truly conscious relationship even if love seems elusive. When women feel the magic of love flowing through our veins we ooze confidence & creativity. We glow with inspiration in every area of our lives.

You know you’re worthy of the soulmate you desire & you’ve found me because now is your time to make it happen.

I’ll bet you know deep down that finding a relationship is the next level of your success – you just need to know how to get a piece of this magic for yourself.

You know you’re ready to do the inner work, open your heart & find a soulmate who adds value to your world.

But it feels like a risk – after past relationship disasters you’re cautious about dating & making an emotional commitment. You certainly don’t want to compromise your independence or jeopardise all the success you’ve built.

This feels so different to business – you’ve realised you don’t even know how or where to start.

You just need a bit of help & that’s where I’m worth my weight in gold.

✔ You need an expert who’s not only got all the professional skills & training to be able to guide you safely through your process of healing & transformation but who’s also had her own, real life experience of what it takes to find & keep a soulmate relationship.

✔ You need a guide by your side showing you the way as you take action to meet your match, an expert in emotional healing who knows exactly how to overcome your obstacles, excuses & fears, a cheerleader who’s rooting for you to find the man who’s meant for you because she wholeheartedly believes you’re worth it.

✔ You need a mentor who has the insight & vision to help you attract a man who’s crazy in love with you & who’ll be good for you in every way. 

✔ You need a relationship alchemist who can show you exactly how to deepen your connection with your soulmate so that you’ve got the best chances of making it work & making it last. Someone who can get you back on track when you experience the inevitable wobbles or bumps in the road.

This work is my zone of genius, my passion & my mission. 

I created The Soulmate Success System – my signature program for women just like you who are independent, super-charged & winning in business & want to be just as fearless, magnetic & successful in love.

I believe that all women can attract soulmate love & enjoy intimacy while living powerful, impactful lives & it’s my mission to help you claim the fulfilment you truly deserve.

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Client love & gratitude

  • 5 star review  I’ve taken Rhian’s online Reiki Level 1, Level 2 & Reiki Master as well as the 21 Day Summer of Self Love courses and I can honestly say that I had an amazing experience in both cases. Rhian is not only is very knowledgeable in all her trades but also she is warm, charismatic and extremely approachable. She always has your best interest at heart and you can tell that everything she does comes from a place of love. She is highly intuitive and she is always there for you if you have any questions or need extra support even after the course is finished. I highly recommend working with Rhian.

    thumb Romina Clavero Tomas

    5 star review  Rhian is a wonderfully warm and supportive soul. Her knowledge is vast and is delivered in a warm caring and very down to earth way. A pleasure to work with you. Thank you for holding a space for me to explore what I needed as I enter my "crone" phase of life. <3

    thumb Sally Arthurs

    5 star review  This wonderful Woman in my eyes deserves a 5 star indeed. I was attuned to Reiki 1 with Rhian and ive joined in on the Group Power of 3 where Rhian is one of the 3 and the advice and positive vibes I receive are just amazing and very supported. I totally enjoyed the Crystal Awareness course too. Well presented indeed. Rhian worked long hours I'm sure too make this course simple too understand and the pdf s she put together are just beautiful. She continues after too support all her followers on a daily basis. Which I find amazing.

    thumb Alison Wallace
  • 5 star review  I was so excited to start the 7 day Crystal course with Rhian as I have been wanting to work with her for the last four months since I felt really gravitated towards her serene genuine authentic intelligent and soothing energy which she illustrated in her facebook lives consistently. Rhian has such a HUGE wealth of knowledge in so many different areas and delivers the knowledge in such a clear, calm and understandable way that really resonates with me. I have become increasingly fascinated with crystals for the last few months and so when Rhian offered this amazing value course it was a no brainer for me to join. I had really high hopes for the course as I hold Rhian in such high esteem and it was all that I had hoped for and so much more. The course is jam packed full of information including practical tools and tips for working with crystals in self healing, mediation and programming crystals. I was blown away by the wealth of Knowledge Rhian has on this topic and as always conveyed on facebook lives in such a clear, understandable and calm way so that I was thirsty for more knowledge each day. I particularly liked live healing & clearing meditation with Angelic Reiki & crystal transmission-I felt such a sense of relief and connection to my core being. Also as the course is open for six weeks I am delighted I can go back and rewatch the training as I build my crystal collection and really fully absorb the massive amount of knowledge and value delivered in this program. This program really was such incredible value and I am so looking forward to working even closer with Rhian as the year progresses. Rhian has such a large array of knowledge & experience in so many different areas including Reiki, Crystals, counselling, mindset mentoring and holistic healing . Most importantly I feel she really walks the walk in what she offers and does not just talk the talk so to speak as she delivers in abundance and authenticity. I really cannot recommend working Rhian enough and am excited to continue my self development journey with Rhian this year 🙂

    thumb Victoria Powell

    5 star review  Rhian is one of those once in a lifetime coaches who totally change your life. I'm super happy with my session and am amazed why this has taken me so long to discover this gem

    thumb Sabeen Faarooq

    5 star review  Rhian is very knowledgeable and helpful. I deeply value her skills and guidance. If you are thinking of investing, don't even doubt it!

    thumb Yuliana Hartanto

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